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Prof. Stuart Lewis, B.Sc., Ph.D., AFBPS. – Chair of Governors

Prof. Stuart Lewis, B.Sc., Ph.D., AFBPS. – Chair of Governors

I was brought up in the Scottish educational system and attended 3 senior schools so am well aware of the potential problems of transitions in young people. Professionally I am a psychologist and worked in the medical schools of Edinburgh, Nottingham, Queen’s Belfast and York universities. I had a particular interest in student welfare.

Since retiring, I have been able to indulge in my other passions: cricket and golf! I am a ECB qualified coach and umpire and for the last 10 years coached junior cricket, the high point being when the U13s won the national CM Jenkins Spirit of Cricket Award. I still play and can score a few runs and take the odd wicket!

Education is not just about academic excellence: it is about maximising an individual’s potential – academically, socially and personally. As well as supporting teachers as they deliver the curriculum, Governors are concerned with the provision of sports, drama, music, volunteering and other community involvement opportunities, and ensuring access to ancillary services (remedial, psychological, etc.).

I have a son just finished 1st year university and 2 older children and 3 grandchildren at primary school in Northern Ireland.

Term of office March 2016 – February 2023.

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