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Outdoor play gym following successful grants

Following the idea to update the playground, Grant applications were made to various providers and we were successful on 2 occasions.   We also had a donation from the Friends of Tadcaster East our ever friendly fundraisers (who are always looking for new members).     This enabled us to improve our outdoor play area to the current hugely popular all-weather gymnasium.

The idea was to develop an area of existing of old play equipment which had become unusable due to rotting wood, permanently wet rubber chippings and leaf debris. Because this was the only area of equipment in school we wanted to replace it with similar equipment to promote activity for children which could be used by groups or individuals. We also wanted it safe for children to use on their own.  The equipment enables children to experience simulated running, rowing or slalom skiing. The equipment is grouped in a circle so that children can still chat to each other and we have found that this is the area children race towards at playtimes and lunchtimes. The children absolutely love it, are courteous to one another and share nicely. It has been a great success. We now hope that we will have healthier children by installing these simple structures. They are not difficult to use, are age appropriate, and give children the idea that they are using a proper gym. The grants we received, although not sufficient to fund the project in its entirety, was a great starter and putting it towards other funds enabled this project to happen.




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