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Welcome to Tadcaster!

Welcome to Tadcaster!

Over the last term we have been working hard as a school to develop our curriculum and this term we are beginning our new topic, Welcome to Tadcaster. This is an opportunity for us as a school to celebrate all things Tadcaster; the history, geography of the area, what is special about our community and to study buildings within our home town through art work. This will end with a fantastic learning celebration where families will be invited to see what the children have been busy learning and creating! Each of our teams has begun to explore our local (and not so local) community… read on to find a snapshot of what they will be learning this term. 

Team Early Years (FS1 and FS2) with Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Roche and Mrs Stebbings

In EYFS we will be learning about Tadcaster but first we are going to learn about environments around the world, starting with the Arctic and Antarctic! We have already enjoyed some stories about snowy places and used our new interactive board to look at the Arctic and the animals that live there. We will be exploring the properties of ice and setting off lots of experiments with the help of some cold weather or if not, the kitchen freezer! Our environment journey will take us to the desert, the rainforest, the jungle, the sea and finally back to Tadcaster, learning about what it would be like to live in these places before we can answer the question ‘Where shall I live?’  


Team Jupiter (Y1/2) with Mr Ramzan and Mrs Bairstow

We will be learning about Tadcaster and comparing different geographical places around the world and using iPads to create panoramic photographs. As scientists we are exploring everyday materials which we will apply to our creative design project. In computing we will focus on coding and debugging. In History we will compare photographs of Tadcaster today and in the past in Tadcaster Community Library, looking at similarities and differences. Our RE looks at both Christian and Hindu religious symbols and artefacts. The learning celebration will be based around geography and computing, celebrating coding to design a new human and physical landscape, building up to creating a new Tadcaster using Minecraft.


Team Saturn (Y3/4) with Mr Parkinson and Miss Bell

We will be learning all about our home town of Tadcaster. Mrs Brooke has already taken the children touring Tadcaster and sketching significant buildings which they will then turn into an art piece based around the work of LS Lowry. On this tour we also noted down the different sounds we heard. These will be turned into a soundscape by Mrs Oldfield and poetry in class. We will also be looking at why Tadcaster became a settlement and who settled here. Linked in with RE, we will look at the different places of worship in Tadcaster and the signs and symbols both inside and outside. These will be compared with what we would find in Hinduism. We will also think about what we like about our town and how we could change Tadcaster for the better. Saturn Class will lead a photography exhibition about a day in the life of Tadcaster. This will capture one day in the life of our town and the people who live here. This will be the key part of our celebration along with a short play about Tadcaster. 


Team Neptune (Y5/6) with Mr Sands, Mrs Crook & Mrs Watson 

Welcome to Tadcaster.  We think, “It’s not all bad in Tad!” We have discussed ideas for the kind of information we could include in an informal guide to all things Tadcaster. We plan to write to local people who can help us to find out about our town. The children will cover different aspects of Tadcaster which we will put together into a guide. But what form will this guide take? Our children will drive the outcomes – will it be a leaflet or brochure, could it be a series of short films about Tadcaster?  We can practise our research skills, our interviewing skills & put it all together in our showcase.