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Go Global!


This term our Creative Curriculum topic is ‘Go Global’ and each of our teams have been busy learning all things global. See what each of the teams are focussing on below.


Team Reception

This term we will be settling into our new team and getting to know the routines and expectations. We will be learning to be together with other children and to listen and concentrate when we learn.  Our theme for this term is the book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers, which links really nicely with the Go Global school topic because it’s all about us and our place on Planet Earth. We will be learning about ourselves and each other and the planet we all live on. We hope the children’s interests will take us on a virtual learning journey into space where they will learn all about planets, stars and moons.


Team Jupiter (Y1/2)

This term we are researching two great explorers; Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We will think about our history vocabulary and chart their journeys to ‘The New World’ and the moon.  In science we are investigating and classifying animals.  Our geography learning makes us think about planet earth, its continents and oceans.


Team Saturn (Y3/4)

This term we will be learning about Egypt as part of our ‘Go Global’ topic. First, we will imagine travelling to Egypt as one of the snails at the end of ‘The Snail and the Whale’. We will plot and describe our journey to exotic Egypt. We will then look at the Ancient Egyptians and learn all about the pyramids, mummies and Moses. Then we will study modern Egypt and one of its most famous stars, the great Mo Salah. 


Team Neptune (Y5/6)

This term we are learning about the Vikings and how England became a unified country.  We will be answering some key questions in our topic: When was the Viking era?  Who lived in England before the Vikings? What was life in England like before the Vikings invaded? Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Why is this period known as the Dark ages? Who were the Vikings and where in the world did they come from? In English, we are focussing on story writing, non chronological reports and biography writing. We will also be writing poetry.  Our class novels this term are ‘Wild Boy’ and ‘Holes’. 


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