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Celebrating Science – Eureka Science Week 7th June – 11th June 2021

All the children at TPA had an amazing science week and they were fascinated from the start on Monday to the finish on Friday. The aim of TPA Eureka Science Week was to highlight that science is all around us and anyone is and can be a scientist. All the children were encouraged to take part in different scientific experiments and understand what it means to be a scientist. The children know that a scientist is not just a man in a white lab coat as there are many famous women scientists such as Madame Curie. The success of the science week has been amazing and all the staff have shown lots of enthusiasm to make the children get the most out of science. 

‘We loved science week.’ Team F2 

‘What an amazing science week! I loved making play dough,’ said Trixie from Jupiter. 

‘It’s been the best day ever because we could test our  materials designs for the egg drop challenge.’ McKinley from Jupiter team. 

‘I enjoyed the Coca Cola and mentos experiment, it was really fun to see the chemical reactions,’ said Harry from Neptune team. 

‘We catapulted a paper ball to 4.2m testing the strength of rubber bands,’ said Ruby from Neptune team.

‘The best thing about science week was making a Mars Bar cake to understand liquids and solids.’ Harry from Saturn team.  

‘I liked the Skittles experiment to show how water can dissolve different colours.’ Daisy Saturn Team

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